Igor Kurochkin

Expert and consultant. Helps develop engineering culture, processes and practices in platform and product teams at technological and enterprise companies.
Over 12 years of hands-on IT experience. Helped develop engineering culture, processes and practices at Avito, Uchi.ru, Tinkoff, Rosbank, Raiffeisen Bank, inDrive, X5 Tech, Wild Apricot, Pushwoosh, Exness, retailCRM, Skyeng, Delimobile and Lamoda. He led the analytics and consulting business at Express 42. Worked as a platform and SRE engineer at Microsoft, Skype, Qik and Scalaxy. He has spoken at conferences such as HighLoad, AgileDays, South HUB, TeamLeadConf, DevOpsConf, RootConf, DevOops.
  1. Conducted a study on the state of engineering culture in product and platform teams at a large international bank. Helped build a model of engineering practices and metrics, identify engineering culture characteristics and areas for development.
  2. Conducted an audit of product and platform teams to launch accelerator of engineering practices in a technological company. Identified constraints to launch accelerator, prepared recommendations on solutions and created a roadmap for accelerator development.
  3. Conducted an audit of product and platform teams at a technology company to scale teams and improve collaboration. Built topologies, identified design constraints and interactions of clusters, units and teams. Prepared solution recommendations, selected metrics to assess the state of the teams and diagnose ways of collaboration.
  4. Conducted first research on State of DevOps in Russia based on Accelerate methodology and DORA Research Program. Analyzed the applicability of DORA capabilities and key metrics, the effectiveness of platform teams and services, team topologies, the relationship between Agile and DevOps, and the state of DevOps in Russian companies.
  5. Conducted a study of DevOps competence center and platform teams in Rosbank. Prepared recommendations on the development of the internal platform as a product and service. Helped to form an internal consulting team, created a matrix of opportunities for improving engineering practices in the teams. Researched applicability of key metrics, prepared tools for survey or analysis, conducted research and maturity assessment of engineering practices in teams.
  6. Conducted a study of processes, practices and tools in Avito's platform teams. Assessed the status, identified problems and prepared recommendations. Helped platform teams develop Infrastructure as code and Platform as a service approaches.
  7. Conducted an audit of development, testing and operational processes in Tinkoff's product teams. Prepared recommendations to accelerate and optimize delivery processes, reduce errors and improve team interaction.
  8. Conducted an audit of infrastructure teams at Uchi.ru. Helped form a platform team and enabling teams for SRE and DevSecOps. Piloted the DevSecOps approach based on the BSIMM framework.
  9. Established the audit and consulting unit at Express 42. Managed key consulting projects and participated in presale for major clients. Formed and developed process and technical audit teams, developed a consulting framework. Implemented practices, processes and tools to automate auditing and consulting.
  10. Prepared and conducted training on Team Topologies, Platform Engineering, Developer Experience, DevOps, SRE. Conducted a series of practical workshops for CTOs, architects, platform team leaders, Scrum masters, Agile coaches and team leaders. Applied patterns and models in Avito Tech, X5 Tech, Raiffeisenbank, Yandex, Rosbank, Uchi.ru.
  11. Помогал запускать и масштабировать сервис Video Messaging на 200 млн пользователей в Microsoft. Отвечал за надежность Core services в Skype. Консультировал команды по процессам и практикам SRE в Avito, Tinkoff, Exness, Skyeng, Dodo, Pushwoosh, Uchi.ru.

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- DevOpsConf Program Committee
- DevOps Enterprise Russia
- Platform Engineering Russia

- DevOps Culture and Mindset
- LFS161x: Introduction to DevOps: Transforming and Improving Operations
- Site Reliability Engineering: Measuring and Managing Reliability

Conference talks and publications:
- NextOps - What comes after DevOps at the DevOpsConf 2024 conference (RU)
- DevOps as a movement at the DevOops 2023 conference (RU)
- DevOps for CTOs at the South HUB 2022 camp (RU)
- Team Topologies master class for teamleaders at TeamLeadConf 2022 conference (RU)
- From DevOps to Platform Engineering at the DevOpsConf 2022 conference (RU)
- Expert review of the book Team Topologies (RU)
- Workshop on team research using Team Topologies at AgileDays 2022 conference (RU)
- Workshop on platform team topologies at DevOops 2021 conference (RU)
- Workshop on team topologies at DevOpsConf 2021 conference (RU)
- Article about research on the State of DevOps in Russia 2020 (RU)
- State of DevOps in Russia 2020 at DevOpsConf 2020 conference (RU)
- The State of DevOps in 2019 at the HighLoad++ 2019 conference (RU)
- How to Draw DevOps at the DevOops 2019 conference (RU)
- State of SRE in 2019 at DevOpsConf 2019 conference (RU)
- The State of DevOps in 2018 at the HighLoad++ 2018 conference (RU)
- Comparing DevOps and SRE at DevOps Moscow 2018 Meetup (RU)
- Infrastructure as code for a DevOps course "DevOps practices and tools" on OTUS (RU)
- Modern approaches in developing infrastructure code on Puppet at DevOpsConf 2018 conference (RU)
- An article about testing infrastructure as code (RU)
- Testing infrastructure as code at the RootConf 2015 conference (RU)
- The Big Book of Recipes or Frequently Asked Questions on Managing Complex Projects at HighLoad++ 2012 (RU)